Electrocardiogram (ECG)


Often necessary for employment physical exams, personal knowledge and comfort of knowing how your heart conducts is vital to the basis of cardiology.  We compare and follow for changes throughout your life.

Palpitations, skipped beats, arrhythmias, strokes are sometime related to the heart rhythm.  Some have pacemakers or defibrillators that require the attention of a trained cardiologist for interrogation.  Our arrhythmia clinic evaluates and treats with newest and most comprehensive monitoring for a safe you

Stress Testing


We have a complete arsenal of functional stress testing.  Whether able to walk a treadmill, or need a bicycle due to joint pain or disease, we can test your heart's capabilities and fitness for activity or assess degree heart injury.

Nuclear Cardiology and Vascular Imaging


There are times when we need to know how your blood flows at micron level activity.  Premier Cardiovascular Care uses nuclear medicine stress tests for heart functional evaluation of ischemic disease or heart function whether you can exercise or not.

Sometimes, to avoid radiation or focus on structure, function or anatomy, ultrasound can be used.  It is safe and non invasive. It requires only minutes to tell heart, artery or veins are functioning well.

Heart attack and Stroke, PAD Cholesterol, Diabetes, Hypertension Clinics


Certain diseases have predictable paths and lead to predictable outcomes.  Not all handle with the awareness and aggression you need from your doctor.  We implement the best practices and national guideline directed medical management to attenuate disease progress and supplement what your care needs

Weight Loss and Wellness


We are not into diet plans. Rather we direct healthy knowledge, choices, directives and life habits that lead to superior cardiovascular health and overall well being.  The edge of Premier Cardiovascular Care is our ability to craft such plans for both those who want to prevent disease AND those who have disease but unsure of the heart's capabilities or goals.  We walk with you all the way.


There are different levels of care required at different periods of time.  Sometimes, we need preventive, acute/urgent,  or chronic care from a cardiologist.  At Premier Cardiovascular Care, you develop your relationship with your provider who learns you and over time knows you.  How else can you have the best doctor patient relationship than the one you create with us?