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Cardiovascular disease is not a silo in a doctors office.  Rather it is a cycle of intermingled processes.  Cardiovascular disease must be minimized to form the REVIVED you,  that releases a REACTIVATED you, that shows as a REVIVED you and ultimately transforms the once "imagined" you to the new REALITY you.   Where else can one go to get this level care, particularly in your back yard.  Our appointments and WELLLNESS PLANS are private, and individualized to give you the autonomy, freedom and pride of accomplishment that YOU DID IT and allowed us to be part of that team.  

This is our pledge to you

We look forward to serving your needs..


Food barriers overcomed


PCVCare Program extends beyond traditional constraints of a common mold.  Rather, we realize there is NO BENEFIT of heart health if you can't enjoy it.  DIET is a bad word connoting a punitive period to a false end.  LIFESTYLE direction is the only way to go.  

The PCVCare Way.

The Heart is essential for life. Therefore all parts of your life are essential for your heart.


PCVCare and Wellness is an idea that recognizes traditional 15 minute visits to treat 5 ailments will NOT REACH goals and will DENY YOU THE BEST you deserve.  Hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol specialty clinics - individual or group - consistently attains world class achievement with AND WITHOUT relying on medication only.  THIS translates to WORLD CLASS health and wellness

Mind, Body and Spirit


Far too often, true obstacles win and restrain hopes of a WELL LIFE. We believe  that like the PHOENIX, we will rise above the fiery abyss.  Whether limitation from stress, opiate level pain, joint disease, or obesity restricts the activity you desire,  PCVCare Wellness program can assist with Float treatments, Suboxone therapy for pain or opiate addiction/dependence, STEM CELL and PRP regenerative agents and other cutting edge therapies that include one on one  counseling any where, any time.

The Outside is a reflection of the Inside


As with anything, there is a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to do everything.  Anywhere you turn, there is an opinion of what you should do, as if everyone knows you the way you do and as the INDIVIDUAL you are.  Rehabilitation programs are only temporary and run out once the money does.   Many physicians recommend diet and weight loss but few possess the knowledge to direct a clear plan  If you already have disease (ie at the highest risk possible) you may be told to live better, but even specialists have reservations on suggesting exercise for those who've already experienced disease.   PCVCare is your personal  PREMIER CARDIOLOGIST SUPERVISED program for you to remove all of the guess work in your plan.