Who we are

Dr David Smith is one of the most highly trained cardiologists in the area.  From his combined clinical and  basic scientific fellowships at Yale University blended with his epidemiology training at Mailman School of Public Health Columbia University, he brings a unique experience in integrative, holistic, evidence based translational cardiovascular medicine to Charlotte and surrounding areas

What we do

 We bring the care back in healthcare.  Away from the business of medicine with rushed visits that leave half information and frustration, we take the time to teach, individualize plans, and integrate body systems to bring the best health you can have. Cardiology requires integrating the physical, mental, emotional and nutritional self.  Our multi-disciplinary team provides that and more with state of the art technique for best possible outcomes.  Medicine must be ethical and comprehensive, the way it was intended to be.  We take our role in your health seriously as we bring cutting edge medicine to your door.

How we do it

Dr Smith works for patients, not for insurance companies. Premier Cardiovascular care provides care directly to you via two main pathways.  First, there is a fee for service option, similar to the traditional model of seeing your doctor in the office.  All service costs are transparent and significantly lower than hospital systems.  The second model involves a membership fee for unlimited monthly visits and remote clinic access that recognizes your health is everywhere... and so are we!   

Why we do it

  Medicine is not what is was intended to be. Patients want a doctor who is just a phone call away whether at home or on vacation.  Your schedule doesn't need to change dramatically to go to a doctor visit or rely on a ride to the appointment.  Our visits are direct, thorough and designed to treat root cause or cure disease when possible, not just manage it.  Money should not be the goal.  The membership fees are kept low by eliminating overhead costs associated with billing insurance. 

Where we do it

Anyway.  Plain and simple.  The traditional services  happen in one of our traditional clinic locations. However, via telemedicine, text or unlimited virtual or in person visits, you have unparalleled flexibility with uncompromised care

When we do it

Now. Visit out services and membership pages for details on how to attain Premier Cardiovascular Care